Monday, January 17, 2011

16th Months Out!!

Well I hit a year and 4 yesterday. I am so excited. No interview with President because there were things in Ribeirao that they needed to do. So it should be here in a couple weeks. Well tell Grandma G. sorry for not writing her a letter. Tell her I will write one for her to make her feel better, LOL. Next transfers are like the 14 or 15 of February. I will see what happens. Well this week was really crazy, we had many baptismal interviews to do, it was good. Well yesterday we had a family night at a member's house it was really good. I gave the lesson about Matthew 14:22-30 when it talks about when Jesus walked on water and how Peter’s faith was shaken. It was really good everyone participated and the spirit was just so strong. Earlier in the day, I felt that I needed to share that message. I have really gained a testimony about listening to the spirit and the importance of Family Nights. I am so grateful that we did Family Nights every week when I was home. My testimony about following the promptings of the spirit. It was just a really good day. There is a new family that moved in on Saturday. They have 5 girls all in Young Women’s. Boy that day was crazy. Well me and my comp went to the church and cleaned the bottom part. I cleaned the bathrooms in the Primary room. Then we cleaned where we have Sacrament Meeting. Then we ran home and changed clothes to help the family move. Well we moved a piano(boy that was heavy) and a Rock table top. It was really good. Then we got a ride to Lunch. Then we ate in 50 minutes and grabbed a bus to ALa 4. Then did some interviews. Then got the bus to Ala 3 because there was a Priesthood meeting. Then grabbed a bus to our area to have a family night. Well the family night fell because the people showed up too late. Then went home and I got the numbers from Ala 4 and took a shower and went to bed. It was a good and crazy day.
Well have a good week and I love you. If you need anything just let me know.
Elder Shelley

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