Monday, October 25, 2010

3 Baptisms!

October 25, 2010
Yesterday was Stake Conference here. It was really good. The stake president said that all the talks were what the person wanted, the theme was open. Well it ended up that many of the talks talked about missionary work. Our mission president and sister talked also. It was a very good meeting. Well things are going well. We did have our baptisms, it was a really good experience.

Well I hope that they also send TJ out and give him a boot in the pants. Well that is what I have noticed about the missionaries too. There are some that are like dad and just dig in and do it and do a good job, and there are others that are really slackers. Well things are going good with my comp. We are teaching and doing well.

Dang now I can’t make faces at Juli anymore, oh well. That is funny and I was excited when I did my last Primary Program. Well hopefully things will go better this week. Yep I really do miss snow. I even miss rain too, but it stinks when it rains because after it gets really hot. That is one thing that I miss especially when it is really hot. Well thanks for all that you do for me. Well things are going good. Time is just flying by so fast now. It seems like yesterday that I emailed you guys. I really like this stake. We had a good meeting with the Stake President. Well there is one problem with the area that I am in. The members just don’t want to help the missionaries. It is hard to do lessons with members. We tried having people sign up and that failed. Well we talked with the stake president. Well I really hope that this area closes soon so that the members can get a little boot in the pants and “Wise up”. Well president said that by the end of the year he will have to close 12 areas. I also heard that each stake in Brazil needs to receive 5 missionaries, if not some of the missions are going to shut down. There is a big shortage. And our mission is not doing very well right now. I hope that they can get the missionaries that they need because I would hate for the missions to close. I don't want to think about that but all over there is a missing of missionaries.
Well I love you and thanks for all that you do for me. Well have a good week.
Um grande abraço mãe.

Elder Shelley

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