Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree Pictures and Email

Greg's first Charlie Brown Tree

It even comes with blinking lights

Here is a picture of a nursery so Matt could see
what another Primary's nursery looks like.

Sent: Mon, Dec 14, 2009 05:31 AM
Hey Family,
This week was okay. This week flew by. We had many divisions with the other missionaries. We did not baptize this week and to make it even worse none of our investigators came to church. Well this week we are going to crack the whip. It has been colder because it has rained a ton down here. It is good.

We did buy a Christmas tree, it is small-we call it our Charlie Brown tree. I will send a picture. Hey I sent some presents for you guys. I sent it on Dec. 10- It will be there in 25 days from Dec 10. I could of had it by Christmas but it would of been a lot more money. Hope you guys don’t mind. I hope I got the right sizes for everyone.

Oh yesterday we went to a members house for lunch and he wants a Real Salt Lake Jersey. I told him that I would email you guys. He is a Large. The jersey is read and blue. Could you send that as soon as possible? I will pay you guys back. The guy is way cool.

Hey Happy Birthday Juli of Friday. Hey tell mom that I am giving you 20 dollars and you can get what ever you want. I can not find anything worth sending you for your birthday. It was either too cheap or way expensive. So have fun spending a little money.

That stinks that dad has not had much sleep. Hopefully everything will go well for him. Jani hopefully everything goes well for you for choir. That is good that Grandpa Pehrson’s party went well. Thanks for all of the updates. Matt I hope you have a good week, keep working hard. Hey and how are the Jazz doing? Well have a good one buddy.

Oh the packages go to the office. They have it there. I have to wait until they have like a conference, etc. They have these things about 4 times a transfer. So you can send packages whenever and I will get it. I hope that makes sense. Well have a good and safe week. I love you guys.

Elder Shelley

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