Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First REAL Letter

September 16, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hey everything is going great. I miss you guys. I just love the spirit here. My first companion is Elder Olson. We flew down together from Dallas to Sao Paulo. It was a very long flight. I have got to tell you about what happened in the Dallas airport. Me and a couple elders were deciding on what to eat, we walked by this one Japanese restaurant. The girl at the front asked us about our church. She really has a deep respect for us elders. We gave her a pass along card. Then just a couple minutes later a women that is LDS and her friend were walking by. We decided to give her friend a card. I remembered that I had a card in the folder. It is so awesome to be a missionary. I am glad I am doing the work. I think Dad forgot to send me hangers. They don't have them down here. I am going to be getting some from down here, so don't worry. By the way they do have washers and dryers and irons down here. But not to worry. Hope everything is going well at home. See you later. I love you guys.

Elder Shelley

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