Tuesday, September 6, 2011

See you on Wednesday!!!

September 5, 2011

Yeah Sunday was hard but really good. Well it was hard to say bye but I have many email and have to create a msn account. Well had last interview with President that was really good. He gave me some good advice about always pay tithing, respect my future wife and never fall away from the church. Well I am really excited because tonight has a dinner and I will see you guys Wednesday.
Elder Shelley

Yea I would love to go to the choir thing with you. Yep last p-day and tomorrow go to the temple and plane. I am so excited. Will have a good one. Have a good one.
Elder Shelley

Hope you had a good week. See you Wednesday. Thanks for everything. I love you and see you hear in a little.
Elder Shelley

That is good that your week went well. Well I will get the plane tomorrow. I am so excited. Well have a good week and see you in a couple days.
Elder Shelley

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